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What will you find in the village
where locals live with gods?

Takachiho town in Miyazaki prefecture is located in Kyushu, the place where Japan began. The "cast", or guides, will work with you to weave an unusual travel story that is slightly outside of the famous tourist spots. This tour is designed to bring to you, the traveler, those unique moments that cannot be missed, and whose colors change dramatically in four seasons.

How can rice, the most important food for the Japanese people, be grown for consumption among the steep mountains of Takachiho? Our guides will share stories of the ingenuity and wisdom that our ancestors held, introducing you to a culture and its traditions that are strongly connected to rice farming. Take a walk through this mountain village, experience it with all of your senses, to get a glimpse into the everyday life of the real Takachiho and not just the usual tourist view.

The Zig Zag Village Walk is an easy to join and enjoyable way to walk around the village on your own. The terraced rice fields, green in summer and golden in autumn, hold a secret. The ups and downs of the walk, which is less than 8km long, hold the secrets of Takachiho life. You will experience places that are generally inaccessible to the general public. "Why?” and "How?”

You will have the chance to meet the artisans at their workshops and to communicate with the locals as they pass by. We hope you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons and the natural way of life here, where the gods are part of everyday life.

Hidden Gem Journeys

3 attempts for Sustainability

To create a destination where you can say,
"I like it here" and "I want to live here with my loved ones.

In 2015, Takachiho Town was recognized as a World Agricultural Heritage Site by the Food Federation of Japan (FAO).
Hidden Gem Journeys offers a lifestyle hook in this region, which is recognized for its sustainable system that allows people to continue their livelihoods even in the harshest of environments.

We are making three attempts to connect the community itself and its culture to the next generation.

Attempt 1

to make appropriate use of the town's resources, and to increase the percentage of in-region sourcing to close to 100%.

We choose products that our guests touch and eat from Takachiho as much as possible, and local people are always involved in the development of our tours. We start by emphasizing the importance of "a destination that is a reflection of the local way of life.

Attempt 1

Do not increase waste and do not interfere with local people's lives We are making efforts not to disturb the living environment of the people living in Takachiho.

We fulfill our responsibility as an environmentally friendly travel provider so that the children of the next generation can live in this region with smiles on their faces.

Reduction in the use of Plasctic products Measures to prevent waste during tours Utilizing reuse, etc.

Attempt 1

to preserve traditional culture

We will continue to be involved in night kagura, a Shinto ritual performance art and village festival that has continued for over 800 years. While maintaining the utmost respect for the local culture, we will continue to open and communicate it to the outside world as part of our "journey. Takachiho's night kagura is an important culture that continues even in the midst of a declining population, and would not be possible without agriculture, which is one of Takachiho's main activities. Hidden Gem Journeys is aware that the hidden treasures that appear in our tours - the scenery, the people, the food, and other elements - are connected to the night kagura, which is the spiritual pillar of the people living in Takachiho. Otonau Inc., the operating entity of Hidden Gem Journeys, aims to obtain the Travelife Partners certification, which certifies tourism businesses that offer sustainable travel. As a local tourism operator, we are committed to pursuing sustainable travel.

■ Amano-iwato-Shrine(West Shrine)

Google MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/B6g3c7n4pr5mAhNT6
MAP CODE:330 837 609*42

■ Amaterasu-kan

Google MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/36DDUSQDg3o2XPRf8
MAP CODE:330 837 544*54

■ Takachiho Shrine

Google MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/AxGUuxoZFys4rgxS6
MAP CODE:330 741 374*50