To all agents this may concern

We are happy to announce that preparations are finally complete, to offer our one-of-a-kind journeys that explore a hidden gem of Japan.


Otonau Inc., is a company that plans and produces tourism products for international travelers, and we are happy to announce that our special guided tours, [Hidden Gem Journeys] are now available for bookings. These tours are based in and around Takachiho (Miyazaki Pref.), an area that is located on the border with Aso (Kumamoto Pref.) on the southern island of Kyushu.


[Hidden Gem Journeys] are a range of tours planned and created in collaboration with the Takachiho town hall and Takachiho locals that give participants a deeper insight into the many wonderful aspects of the area.


These tours are ideal for tourists who want to take their time to enjoy the region’s attractions and experience something a little off the beaten path. A deeper more personal dive into the areas sights, culture and every-day life.


[Some examples of Hidden Gem Journeys on offer]

  • Zig Zag Village walk
  • Godly Local Breakfast
  • Zen Practice
  • And more

The overarching concept of these tours are for participants to “Make new discoveries in a spiritual village”.


We operate our range of tours with a few core themes that we think are essential to truly experience this area that is recognized as a World Agricultural Heritage site.

These core themes are:

[Beautiful landscapes and lifestyles where nature and people coexist]

[Unique local food culture]

[Shinto rituals and traditional culture passed down from generation to generation]

By taking part in our tours, you will experience one or more of these themes and see how the traditions of the area are kept alive through its people and culture.


Our tours are designed to give participants a slightly deeper dive into the every-day life of Takachiho. The tours are operated by our cast, who will weave a journey together with the participants to create a one-of-a-kind journey, in a spiritual area known as the birthplace of Japanese mythology.


[Partners wanted]

We have created a form of travel that allows visitors to have an in-depth experience that explores the charms of the region through collaborating with the local authorities and its people. Visitors can have truly memorable experiences such as, exploring the local food of Takachiho and not only viewing but helping out at a Yokagura, an ancient Shinto ritual performance that has been practiced in the region for over 800 years.


We are seeking partners with overseas sales channels who are also tour operators, to help us create an environment to increase awareness about [Hidden Gem Journeys] guided tours among international travelers.


Our tours are designed to be easily incorporated into tour schedules, and can be combined and arranged to match your needs.


In addition, we are planning to hold familiarization trips for agents located both within Japan and overseas in the future. We will continue to listen to the opinions and requests of each overseas region and market, so that we can continue to develop products that meet the needs of travelers who seek not only exciting but soul-enriching spiritual experiences packed full of traditional wisdom and knowledge.


The minimum number of participants and prices vary for each product.

The prices listed on our website are for general retail sales. Please feel free to contact us for more information after taking a look through our website from the URL below.


We hope you will enjoy the unique vibes of this region, a new experience in a truly historical location, the hidden gem that is Takachiho.

Inquiry: info@otonau.com

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