Zen Practice


Did you know Amanoiwato Shrine is the site of Japan's best known creation myths? After exploring and getting to know this very significant place in Japanese mythology, you will participate in a private traditional shinto ceremony called "Tamagushi Ho-ten” (reverentially offering a branch of the sacred tree). Through this ceremony, you can make a wish to the divine spirits, a very special ceremony even many Japanese people haven’t experienced before. Another highlight of this journey is a relaxing meditation experience, taking place in a tranquil nature surrounded area of the shrine. Immerse into the world of Zen and make your day an extra special one! < A little background about the Amanoiwato Shrine> Amaterasu Omikami, the Goddess of the san, was said to have retreated to a cave near the Amanoiwato shrine, after a dispute with her brother. When she entered the cave, she took the light of the world with her, leaving the world in darkness. The other deities in despair, finally succeeded to tempt her out of the cave with special dance and music, which made the deities laugh so much that Amaterasu became curious and peeked out of the cave, bringing back the light into the world.

All Season
8:30〜10:00 Approx. 1.5h
[Number of Participants]
Min: 1 Max: 6
[The tour includes]
・Amano Iwato East Shrine
・Private traditional shinto ceremony experience
・Zen meditation experience in nature
[Not included]
Hotel pick-up & drop-off
[Tour Rate(Inc.TAX)]
[Cancellation policy]
Up to 3 days prior, no cancellation fee.
2 days prior: 20%
Day before: 30%
On the day: 100%
[Meeting point]
Amano-iwato Shrine
*In front of the East Shrine's Torii gate


Please be sure to purchase appropriate travel insturance in advance.

Zen Practice